High Volumes

Challenges for companies with high volumes of transactions:

Compliance: We do have rules and legislations to adapt. The rules can be automated with less human error.
Reconciliation: minimum time spent on reconcile transactions. Take action on deviations.
Matching Transactions: Minimum time spent in matching transactions.
Task Planing: When less manual interference is needed, then planing important task will be easier.
Integrations: With Intelligent Process Automation we strive to have as much information as we can get. When transaction have been processed, we will send information to end systems.
Booking in journals: Let your ERP/financial system receive already reconciled and correct data. The General Ledger will then mirror correct information with high quality.
Intercompany: lett all transactions to be divided into legal entities or within billing make sure all ordersystems and invoices are collected into correct company. Typically when your organization have multiple business system that creates orders.
Tolerance: Calculate figures and make sure you do not allow amount tolerance. Normally an ERP is configured to allow tolerance amount to make the process to procced.
Deviation & Analysis: Be up to date and find why deviations occur and make sure they will not repeated in the future.
Process Re-engineer: This often an outcome when starting with Intelligent Automation Process. Make changes to processes when you have the chance to be more efficient.