Cosmoz IPA

” AI, Automatization, Big Data and Computing power. What kind of disruptive changes it brings to the market within the area of Business Processes ”

When the power of hardware is getting to impressive levels, the development of software creates new possibilities that changes our way of thinking. Many systems are based on 20-40 years old conditions, why they can not utilize the new power.

Transactions 2020 in Cosmoz:

  • 200 + Million transactions
  • 15+ Billion Euro in Value

What is IPA:
● Intelligent Process Automation
● Focus on end-to-end efficiency
● Highly suitable for financial flows
● Process optimization bonus
● ROI in precision, exception handling, FTE:s and Zero Tolerance from money deviation.

Components of the platform:

Components in the Cosmoz Plattform
” Let us visualize where the benefits are. We will show online how automation can improve efficiency and empower the organization “

From Accenture Finance 2020 PoV death by digital